FAQ’s People always ask my Firefighter Family

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If you know a Firefighter, you’ve likely identified them by the incredible amount of Firefighter and Thin Red Line gear they own- I mean – they aren’t hard to spot!

And when you see them, you’ve likely got some questions about the job, what they did, and what it’s really like (because ya know the movies have made things all dramatic and jazz) Especially ‘what’s the worst call you’ve ever had’

But you’d be suprised how many questions we get asked in public! And it seems that they are the same ones over and over.

So I’ve got some FAQs below- and some honest answers to curb your curiosity.

Some interesting questions people always ask

Isn’t Firefighting Dangerous? (Um yeah… LODD anxiety is real!)

Are you still married?

How can you sleep at night? I’d be soooo worried.

What’s it like being married to a Firefighter?

I’m sure your not scared anymore, right?

Being married to a firefighter sounds fun, I’m sure they sleep on shift and then you have them at home to do stuff around the house!

Must be nice to have all that vacation time!

What do you mean he works 24 hours at a time? Do they have beds at the fire station?

Do you rescue cats from trees?

What My Firefighter Family from around the world has heard…

I can’t say I’ve heard it all so I asked some of my insta fire family for the weirdest things they’ve been asked! And be sure to follow some great Fire Wife accounts on Instagram– we have a lot of fun over there!

I suppose you want some answers to those questions?

Well friends, they are as common sense as they can get.

Yes- I still have anxiety, I’m still scared, and we still worry about somethings he could get exposed to.

Yes- the days and the nights are long and he does sleep in a bunkroom at the station.

Yes- they run all sorts of really weird calls at all hours of the day and night.

No, he doesn’t have a bunch of free time, no, I’m not worried he’ll cheat and no, he does NOT get paid enough (but I am thankful he keeps our community safe! He is soooo incredible essential even if some people don’t understand that!)

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