5 things no one tells you about dating a Firefighter

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dating a firefighter?

thinking about someone you met that’s a firefighter and you think life would be magical with them?

Whatever your reasons for stopping by, welcome to the party.

Here you’ll find out that everybody has mommy and daddy issues- but firefighters have all of that PLUS some. 😂😂😂 I kid I kid.

But really, there are some things you need to know about a Firefighter if you plan on sticking around. Find out below!

1.It’s all about that Holiday Pay

Between swaps and shift changes and vacation you’d think that firefighters would get *some* holidays off.

But really, they end up working a lot of holidays.

Between the parades, concerts, events and people being 400% more likely to set their home on fire on thanksgiving day, firefighters are really busy 😂

Poeple still need help and these still happen on valentines day, christmas day and birthdays.

It’s a big reason we reschedule and celebrate on different days- and it’s part of the gig.

2.”good” and “bad” fires

There’s something so funny talking about fires after the fact- but firefighters LOVE to talk about fires.

And for the record, a “good” fire is actually a “bad” fire!

What’s that mean?

Well, if the fire is bad and destroyed things, and the firefighter got to work it and do some hero shit, they call it a ‘good’ fire 😂😂😂 I know this is totally ridiculous but it’s true.

3.Distance is for coping

Stress is insane for firefighters.


The stress could drive them insane.

So sometimes they might be distant or cold and not want to talk about it. That’s just a way that they can cope with some of the stuff they see and deal with on the job.

It’s really not personal- so take care of yourself and don’t let this get to you.

4.Two can be as bad as one

There’s a saying in the fire service.

‘lonely wives but we’re saving lives’ 😂

and if that ain’t the truth I don’t know what is!

Being in a relationship with a Firefighter can be lonely at times because of the schedule. There are times you’ll have to go to parties and events solo because your firefighter is working. There’s nothing wrong with that (and you should embrace it like the goddess you are) just know that it gets old after awhile and you’ll wish you didn’t have such a strange schedule!

But firefighters don’t work all the time either- so don’t accept that lie if you keep getting blown off.

5. Stereotypes are hella wrong

Listen yall. some of the steroetypes they have for firefighters are laughable!

Can they all cook? NO

Do they all have six packs? also NO 😂😂😂

Do they all drive trucks and have dogs and take the boat out on the weekends? NO (but this one does have some truth to it!)

Firefighters are unique and wonderful and anyone that tries to be some ‘perfect’ firefighter you need to call them on their shit and maybe consider running away from their ridiculousness.

Image of tired fireman sitting on floor near red fire truck at station


Welcome to the Fire life. It’s messy and wonderful and tons of fun (with a bunch of BS thrown in) we’re happy to have you and hope your relationship works out for the best!

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1 thought on “5 things no one tells you about dating a Firefighter”

  1. We met Aug.13,1974, he asked me to marry him Aug. 14,1974! in that first date we found out we were both in the Fire Dept. Me in a Vol.fire dept. and a Lt. at that! he was in his last year of the Air Force and station at Brooks AFB. He wanted a Christmas wedding. But I told him I promised my parents I would graduate high school first. I graduated Wed. May 28th, 1975 and we were married Sat. May 31, 1975! We passed our 45th and working on our 50th! My Hubby retired with 35 years as a firefighter! And I love telling everyone who will listen just how proud I am of my Firefighter #18! And no that is NOT a hashtag, was his number for you youngin’s. How did I do it? I listen to what he had to say and I never judged him. I held him when he needed it. It did help, me being in the fire dept. too. I knew what he was talking about and what he met. Our son learn to adapt from day one, holidays, started at Little Grandmas & Papa’s, then on to Oma’s & Opa’s we ran by our house for all the home made(from scratch) dessert sand off to the fire station to be with Daddy and all his Uncles! and as time went on, he still had Uncles and Brothers and one Sister there. Now all have gone on there way. So for our 50th with God help, all the brothers and Sister will be together again. During our son’s school years we were those parents that stayed involved and those kids became our Kiddos! After all we spent 13 anniversaries with them! One of them will officiate the renewing our vows. He became an Air Force PJ and a minister. One of them will be doing my hair for that day.
    The Firefighters, police officers and our Military are always in my thoughts, prayers and heart as well as their families. God Bless All of You. Linda

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