Is it fun being a firefighter?

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The greatest job in the world is what a career as a firefighter is called. My career so far has been an unforgettable experience and so much fun.

So is being a firefighter really all that much fun?

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life has been with my fellow firefighters on shift! Between stirring up trouble and throwing down on some 911 calls both fire and medical the good times are ALMOST nonstop.

The thing to remember is the people you work with in the fire service become way more than just coworkers.

They end up being your brothers and sisters with a bond just as strong. So when I say “the good times roll on and on” that is no exaggeration.  

In this job you pretty much get permission to break, cut and rip things that are not meant to be broken… to pieces. Oh did I mention we get to run red lights?(calm down its emergency situations only).

But there is so much more to it. This fun that is had reaches deep to the soul. Soon you have a work family and your actual family. Then soon after that they all start to blend into this one crazy giant family that has a lot of love and even more laughs. This is the perfect recipe for having the time of your life. 

What kind of fun do we actually have?

Well this job tends to be ever changing so you never really know what you’re gonna get next (thank you Forrest Gump). So excitement of the unknown is usually the start of the fun.

But to be direct when you work for a fire department you usually have some pretty big and powerful tools at your disposal. And these tools only come with a couple of rules.

Those are to save lives, protect property and safety third. So cutting up cars, busting open doors and cutting roofs off are just a few fun things we get to do.

Then there are the fun times at the station. Now the firehouse is notorious for being a breeding ground for tasteful pranks and heckling.(Notice I didn’t say hazing….yeah don’t do that.) Remember this is a brotherhood/sisterhood so jokes and pranks are a given. 

Two firefighters shaking hands after successful fire drill. High quality photo

Some lesser talked about forms of fun are working special events and being in parades. While working a city festival or fair may require a decent amount of work you still get to enjoy the festivities on the clock. Then the parades are just a good time and brings a lot of smiles to kids’ faces.

It’s a reminder to take pride in your work because the next generation is watching in awe. 

But is it always fun?

Well it can’t always be fun right? Yeah you right there are boring and even sad/hard times. The job is first response to the worst situations so those feelings are inevitable.

Luckily the bond you have built with your crew only strengthens as you lean on one another to get through the hard times. 

Full length portrait of confident firefighters by truck at fire station

Some days are down right boring whether it be a really slow day or something administrative it can be a drag. Luckily these days are few and far between. Not to mention you have your crew to make things interesting during those times!

The thing is this is a job of passion so the people that love this job and have the most fun are usually ones that have embraced that passion to the fullest!

Do the good times outweigh the bad?

This is subjective. For me it’s a yes. For someone else if those days start to tip to the negative favor…they may want to start looking for a plan, solution or even a career change.

But I would say a majority of the time the good times make the bad times that much more bearable in the hopes for better days.

Obviously this relies heavily on your own health and wellbeing. Make sure you keep yourself in check.

There you have it. The best job in the world. You will laugh. You will cry. Heck you may even bleed a little bit but as a whole you will have the time of your life and do it all with a tight knit family by your side. But if your interested in the pros and cons of being a firefighter read this!

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