Confession: I don’t want to be a firefighter anymore

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Times where calls are rough, politics are stupid, money is tight. People are literally searching ” I don’t want to be a firefighter anymore”.

Maybe that’s not you, maybe you are just discouraged and want some support because you are fed up at the job.

But maybe, you really really don’t want to be a firefighter anymore

and you aren’t alone. Stat’s show us that turnover rates (or the number of people leaving the department) are much higher than national averages.

Hell, sometimes I feel that way and I’ve got more than a few years under my belt.

“I dont want to be a firefighter anymore‚Ķ” that’s a statement we’ve all made at times.

Long hours and no sleep definitely take their toll. Politics. Drama.

Or maybe you just don’t like the Chief. The weird schedules.

Maybe you just don’t like the calls.

For some it can be a world shattering confession to make. So world shattering in fact, that some of my fellow firefighters would rather drink and abuse their thoughts away than admit that they’re considering a new career.


It’s not a sin to think about another career besides firefighting.

Here’s three reasons you should consider finding a new career outside of firefighting

1.You’re a salty MF

You could only be a few months on the job or just shy of retirement, but if your a salty dog, everyone else is gonna know it before you do.


Because your a PITA to work with. If someone is pointing out how grumpy you are on the regular, consider making yourself, and your team, a lot happier by taking a vacation and consider other things you can do with your life. Maybe that means retiring earlier. Maybe that means looking at other positions. Only you can decide.

2. You’re not a team player.

You call out sick… all. the. time.

You mope around the station, only do exactly what’s required of you, hate doing training, and just want a live fire.

My fellow firefighter, you need to find yourself some motivation, a vitamin check, and maybe a new station.

3. Your spouse is begging you to change jobs

A few years back my wife was working a teaching job, and she was absolutely miserable. So miserable it was making ME miserable and I hardly saw her!

I begged her to quit for months, and then she finally did. It took another year for her to become her ‘normal’ self, and I blame that 100% on the fact that she stayed at a soul sucking job for way too long.

Your immediate family will know something is up- talk to them and see what they have to say!

Final Thoughts for those of you looking to not be a firefighter anymore

Myself, I truly feel if something makes you unhappy to no end, its gotta go.

But, and that’s a HUGE BUT, I always try and fix the situation before writing it off. Sometimes you know in two months, and sometimes you know in two days. Just make sure you give it proper thought before you jump off the deep end.

Also talk to you loved ones or significant other to help build that support in the right direction, you’ll likely be surprised at what they have to say.

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