6 Instagram Accounts every Volunteer Firefighter Needs to Follow

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With almost 70% of the Firefighter population considered a volunteer, it’s any wonder why we don’t have more resources widely available!

Sure, there’s a bunch of reasons you should be a volunteer, there’s a couple of TED talks to help you learn more about the profession (and you should never stop learning), and there’s even a National Day of Recognition for volleys (even if it doesn’t get much love- but your a day ahead of career firefighters who have zero days of appreciation)

But legit on the ground support is totally different- and so needed!

And it’s also why we created this list… see, there are instagram accounts that could be lovingly classified as swamp trash. They swipe images from other accounts, do mass follows, and then try to sell you cheap tshirts.

Then, there’s other accounts that are pretty cool, but they post alot of lifestyle content that is hardly ever fire related. We enjoy these accounts, but they don’t get us fired up about the fire life!

So here’s 6 Instagram accounts you’ll want to follow! These accounts are legit and vetted accounts that we personally follow, and we know you’ll find something for you too!

Instagram Accounts Every Volunteer Firefighter Should be Learning From

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