Top 5 Real Fire truck Videos for Kids

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Post Preview: Kids love Fire Trucks! I’ve listed the best ones of the web according to views and my toddler’s excitement level. These videos are fun for the whole family to watch!

Would you believe me if I said I’ve watched countless hours of firefighter and fire truck videos with my toddler? And that I have all these firefighter songs now stuck in my head… for like forever. 

Seriously, its true!

We are big fire truck lovers because Daddy is a firefighter. So even though he’s been in a real fire truck a bazillion times- he still wants to watch them on youtube. Because Dad is a firefighter, we try to stay away from the cartoons because they just aren’t realistic. Not that its a bad thing, we’ve watched some Fireman Sam and really like it. 

Dangit, now I’ve got the Fireman Sam theme song stuck in my head (I hope it happens to you to now!)

The biggest reason we like real life firetruck videos is because we want our son to have a good understanding of firefighter responsibilities and the realities of the job. Water doesn’t just come from no where and fire trucks are extremely big. Sure, he has lots of toys and he thinks Marshall from Paw Patrol is a cool pup. But Cartoons just don’t cut it when it comes to how big firetrucks are and how dangerous fire can be. 

So here’s the top firefighter truck videos for kids on youtube. These have all been toddler approved (and the views certainly testify to their popularity!). 

The Fire station Visit

Kids love to watch other kids doing stuff. I have no idea why but I just go with it! This cute fire station visit highlights two young boys as they live the firefighter life. If you don’t go to a fire station often, this video is a must see! 

Fire Engine Sing Along

If you don’t mind songs, this is a great video! The song is funny and catchy, I catch myself singing it from time to time. The video definitely keeps my kid entertained with the flashing lights and accurate video. 

Educational Fire Department Visit

I have no idea how much this guy paid the fire department but I hope it was a good amount. I thought for sure he was going to pass out when he was demonstrating the SCBA and taking large gulps of oxygen.

In all seriousness, this is a really good video for demonstrating many of the sides of firefighting in a way kids can understand it. I can appreciate Blippi giving a realistic look at what Firefighters really do- and my toddler loves to respond to this character. 

The Country Great Big Firetruck

This is a another cute song about “here comes a great big firetruck”. Not sure if this was made for kids or firefighters, since I see the appeal for both audiences! This is definitely one of the better songs I have heard- kinda with a country twang. Plus, its only about 2ish minutes long. 

Fire Apparatus Parade

My son loves parades and gets so excited when the firetruck comes around (especially if daddy is onboard!) so a parade full of nothin but firetrucks has him over the moon! This is on our bucket list, but for now the video is a lot of fun to watch. Be prepared for your kid to beg you for a parade after they watch this! My son waved at every fire engine. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it was uploaded like 5 years ago! 

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