Great 911 Dispatcher Instagram accounts to follow

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There’s just something about being in dispatch that makes you feel undervalued and ignored. Maybe it’s the way people forget about you when there’s been a trauma, or the on going argument about wether or not your a ‘true’ First Responder.

So finding your tribe of people that get you is sooooo important! You’ve got to know that you aren’t alone, that you are valued, and that you are an essential part of the puzzle!

Even if people aren’t aware of what you do all day- your other dispatchers get you! So find some below that you can connect with, and bond over the job.

AND I ALMOST FORGOT! If you’d like some Instagram Story Sticker, search “Fire Dept Family” for some 911 dispatcher options (and if you don’t know what that means, head to my highlights where I show you how to get to them!)

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Dispatchers to follow on Instagram!

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