Mental Health/Behavioral Health Resources

Mental Health is turning into a big topic in the Fire Service. Some people are embracing it so that they can better their lives and the lives of those around it. Some people don’t believe that many in the Fire Service are suffering from depression, PTSD and are at high risks of suicide.

There are SO MANY resources available to help, with any number of problems. From addiction and marital stress, to PTSD and depression.

Here’s a list of some resources available for mental and behavioral health.

Obviously, you should call 911 for any immediate issues. For issues that are severe but not immediate, please contact the chief and then contact the non emergency number for your local law enforcement station so that proper steps can be taken.

The national suicide prevention hotline. (you can call or text!)

FREE app for managing PTSD.

Hotline for FIRE/EMS (from the website- they are 24/7 and ***first responders OR their family*** can call about issues like alcohol or drug addiction, depression, suicide prevention, stress or anxiety, critical incidents, PTSD, stress caused by financial management issues or legal problems, relationship issues, work-related concerns, or psychological issues)

First Responder Crisis Support Line

Firefighter Health

Here are some posts covering different aspects of Firefighter Health.

Other Resources Worth Mentioning

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

The Code Green Campaign

First Responder Center

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