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We NEED Volunteer Firefighters- seriously, they keep America Safe!

Curious about becoming a Volunteer Firefighter? or 5 reasons why it’s totally worth it?

Maybe (hopefully) you are already a volley. And that is amazing, because as numbers continue to drop, medical and fire emergencies are getting crazier!

By the most recent estimates- 70% of Firefighters in the United States are volunteers BUT that number keeps falling every year. Especially as the community stops caring about the volunteers, the money paying job gets in the way, and regulations make it almost impossible in some areas.

Don’t get discouraged! People need you. People count on you. You should be proud to be a volunteer firefighter!

Keep up the training, keep up the learning, keep rescuing people. Help your brothers and sisters be the best Firefighters (volunteer or career) that they can be. Find a good support system.

Remember- America needs Volunteer Firefighters- it simply isn’t an option right now to have paid across the board. In many cases, the first to answer the call is the volunteer.

Volunteer Firefighters- WE NEED YOU!! #firefighters

Volunteer Firefighters. Where else can you volunteer to be a badass?
America runs on Volley Firefighters

America runs on Volunteer Firefighters

The Volunteer Firefighter's Wife- she keeps it all together while he is away. #firefighterwife #firewifelife #firewife #firefighter

Volunteer Firefighters- saving life and property because someone has to do it!

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