Turnout Gear Gift Guide- Recycled and New Products

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Turnout gear is the ultimate symbol of the firefighter- maybe it ties with a fire helmet, but many pictures feature the classic bunker pant overalls as the main giveaway that someone is a firefighter.

I’m not going to address that used firefighter can contain carcinogens that could lead to cancer (Firefighter occupational cancer is WAY too high right now!) So use your best judgment when ordering used turnout gear items. There are plenty of new items available if that’s what you’d like instead!

As always, I’m open to hear about what other items I should add. If you have a favorite please let me know!

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Turnout and Bunker Gear Gifts

The Best Gifts made from Upcycled Turnout Gear

Christmas ornaments are always a timeless gift- you don’t have to know their size, their favorite color- heck, they don’t even have to celebrate Christmas. This could easily be a wall decoration, hang from a car rear view mirror or go inside a locker! It’s also available in black bunker gear as well.

Personalized Bunker Gear Items

Fully Involved stitching has a full line of personalized items available on Amazon! Some of my favorites are the blankets, pillow cases and aprons. You can find them here!

Bags and Wallets

This wallet, sold by Flashfire supply, boast all 5 star reviews on Amazon. Made with new material that is the same Kevlar type material that turnout gear is made from, you can expect the smell and waterproofness that comes with traditional turnout gear fabric. Available in a variety of colors and reasonably priced, this wallet is a favorite for many. Check it out on amazon here!

Another Great Option is a Turnout Inspired Toiletry Bag. This is a great personalized gift for any Firefighter- because we all know they struggle with keeping all their personal bath items in one place. Made by the Fire Family Store, the material is all new, and ready to ship!

Looking for something a little more Feminine? Check out these adorable Firefighter Turnout Bag Purses from DoctorLar! Bonus- they can even make one from turnout gear that you send in!

Is a messenger bag more your style? No worries, that comes in turnout gear colors too! There’s several of these bags to choose from on Etsy, but this one below is my favorite! It’s an authentic, decommissioned, Turnout gear messenger bag made by The401Fireman.


Cups are always a super popular (and kinda default) gift to get!

Coined the #bunkercup this design by CavellaDesigns is super popular with great reviews!

Another great option for cups are these designs by KDclosetshop. They also offer this with the basic stripe, without the Maltese cross.

I mean, who can say no to glitter turnout tumblers! These are so cute, especially if you want to have a feminine cup without the thin red line colors!

For the kids

I am little cautious when it comes to turnout gear and kiddos- yes, my kids are exposed regularly to their father’s gear, so I just try to minimize their non essential exposure. All of these items will be NEW.

Fire Family Store has these super cute toddler turnout gear outfits! They are personalized and come with everything shown.

While theirs nothing wrong with girls wearing a full turnout gear ensemble, their is something so adorable about a little turnout gear skirt! Check these out from Fully Involved Stitching.

For the Pups

Firefighters LOVE Animals- and puppy dogs are no exception. These adorable Turnout Gear Inspired Collars are cute for anyone’s dog- wether they are a firefighter or not! Especially, because these are reflective. Cute and Safe!

If your feeling adventurous, you can even get the collars customized! This one on Etsy is a bestseller– you can’t go wrong with a turnout gear dog collar!



I had so much fun putting together this bunker gear gift guide! Did you find something you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments! And if I missed something, let me know!

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