The 'Save your Firefighter' eBook

Help your Firefighter avoid job related injury and death

This valuable information is what a you need to keep your Firefighter safe

So you have a firefighter that loves the job and wouldn’t change it for the world

Probably doesn’t get enough sleep…

Doesn’t share what He learns at trainings because it’s ‘not your job’

Thinks that being ‘salty’ a.k.a. looking fresh outa a fire is just part of the job

Will grow a stash for november for cancer awareness but that’s the only time you hear him talk about cancer prevention

All Fire Stations should teach this to Fire Spouses- did yours?

This is what every spouse should know about the job, the risks, and what can be done to prevent it.
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While most of us want to assume that our Firefighter’s station is doing everything they can to prevent injury, You also know that Firefighting is a business. And business’s don’t think about people the same way that spouses do. 

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones that got a few hours of education and a packet sent home about how you can help your firefighter. 

Or maybe, you’re like the rest of us. Our husband’s station is too busy saving up for the 1.5 million dollar truck, worried about response times and hiring new people. Your firefighter is likely overwhelmed with all the new training and conferences and station politics- then pile on a lack of sleep, too many reports and it’s no wonder you don’t here much about how you can actually help.  

But now you have the option to learn everything they should have told you, so you can make sure that your Firefighter’s life isn’t left up to chance.  

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Over 1000 Firefighter LODDs (line of duty deaths) happen each year... even though some states don't recognize these deaths and leave the family without benefits

Firefighter Spouses are the first line of defense when it comes to prevention

Do you love your spouse’s career? Or are you like many firewives that have a love hate relationship with Firefighting?

Do you worry about your Firefighter when they’re on shift? Have you read the stories from older Fire Wives and Widows and wondered… isn’t there more we can do to prevent occupational Firefighter deaths?

When did Firefighter Suicide become the norm? 

Why are so many Firefighters getting cancer?

why aren’t we allowed to call a spade a spade- the Fire Service (just like the military does for veterans) plays a role in many of these injuries and deaths. 

Instead of being worried about what you can’t change, there is a better way than just leaving it up to chance. 

No longer will you be afraid of cancer risks because you’ll know what you can do to prevent it. 

Mental Health worries, like suicide and PTSD, will be easy for you to look out for and you’ll know who to go to for help.

You’ll know why training with the right people is essential, why your firefighter has to have dedicated gym time and how you can make sleep a priority. 

And you can finally ditch the LODD anxiety. 

Fire's aren't the only thing danger.
In the last 20 years we've found even more silent killers that impact over half of all Firefighters.

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This book is designed for you, the Firefighter Spouse:

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Easily fits into your busy life
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helps you focus on your Firefighter's biggest issues
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Gives you the confidence you need to love your spouse's job
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Prepares you to deal with all the top threats facing Firefighters today
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Makes it easy to keep your Firefighter Safe from avoidable problems related to firefighting

Knowledge that will make a difference

After you take this course, you’ll have the info you need to start helping your firefighter avoid things that could end his life early. 

You’ll know how to steer clear of dangers like PTSD, cancer, heart disease and injury. 

Even better? You’ll no longer be afraid of the unknown. 

Gone are the nights of worry- you’ve done everything you can to prepare your family. 

It's just three easy steps!

Get the ebook so you have 24/7 access on desktop and mobile

Read on your own pace and follow the instructions

Get peace of mind that your are helping your Firefighter live a long and healthy life

About the Instructor

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Hey I'm Charisty

Welcome to a growing group of Fed up Fire Wives that want more for their families!

I'm a Fire Wife that wants to end the high LODD numbers in our Fire Family.

Together we can share the latest information that most people aren't aware of- so our firefighters can come home safe. Join the hundreds of Fire Families that want to make this thin red line better and safer than ever before.

Is this the right fit for you?

This info isn’t for everyone. Maybe you like going to a week long conference and watching in person speakers (and you have the money to do it). 

Maybe you don’t want to learn about your Firefighter’s career pitfalls or how it could hurt your family (because then you’d have to do something about it)

And this isn’t for a badge bunny-(we only want people that are serious about making a difference)- you’ll likely move on to the next Firefighter and not worry about how the job is stealing years off their life. 

What's inside the Save your Firefighter EBook

  •  Why YOU have to get involved
  • What’s really killing our firefighters 
  • Why health and fitness could be the ULTIMATE cure
  •  Cancer stopping strategies backed with peer reviewed studies (we’re talking science!!)
  •  WHO you need to turn to when you need help
  •  If you Firefighter is at low, medium or high risk of being a LODD statistic
  • We’ll help you identify it the number one problem for your Firefighter
  • You’ll know why behavioral health is your best friend and your worst enemy 
  •  The Firefighter ‘language’  you need for getting through to your Firefighter 
  • How to keep your family from suffering if your firefighter is injured 

Wanna stay in your pajamas? You got it!

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  you can come back to over and over again- you’ve got it forever!

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Personalized work sheets so you can make your action plan just for your family and know exactly what you need to focus on

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 designed for busy people to learn the essential details (without wasting any of your time!)

Your Investment is only $59 $19

all backed by a no risk guarantee! Love it or your money back with our 30 day guarantee.


It’s sad but true- the information that you need isn’t coming home. Ask any Fire widow and she will tell you, she didn’t know the risks like she does now. It’s time we give you the option to keep your firefighter healthy and safe

You’ll get the full 6 day course and workbook- and I’m so sure that you’ll learn from it (because knowledge is power!), that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’ve done all the modules and find that it doesn’t help your family, I’ll refund you. Easy as that. 

This is designed for career, volunteers and military- and while wildland can benefit, it doesn’t cover how things are different during wildland fire season. While everyone should take this course- I believe transparency is key. I want to include Wildland in future updates. 

Absolutely! Female Firefighters are less than 10% of the ranks and not well represented in the profession. This course uses ‘firefighter’ 85% of the time instead of pronouns. It’s especially important because we know that females have even higher cancer risks and PTSD risks. Future updates will include a Female Specific course (I would never want my daughter to suffer because she was ignored!)

 this is the only comprehensive course online for firefighter spouses to take to reduce the likelihood of their spouse dying from a LODD. There are conferences, but they cover specific things, not multiple things like this course does, and not in an easy to take, online format. 

Charisty is the main writer and researcher behind Fire Dept. Family. She has a Dual Master’s degree in Human Resources and Leadership (with several graduate counseling classes) and worked as a 6-12 grade educator for several years. She is married to her Firefighter/Paramedic and focuses on teaching Fire Families how to embrace the Fire life. 

While this is easily a 300 dollar course, it has a price tag because it is valuable. When you pay for information, you are more likely to use it. 

Until the majority of states and stations can give this information to Firefighter AND their families, we will advocate for families to get the information they need. Politics and money make it hard for change to happen, but we don’t think more firefighters should die just because a suit can’t decide if they should create a workshop for families now or in 5 years from now when there’s a law to protect our thin red line. I was inspired by the March of the Bull/my Brother’s Burden, and I cried every. damn. time. a patch was added to his bag to represent the firefighters we had lost too soon. 

This is designed for the Firefighter Spouse to take- Firefighters can view online classes at

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While offers and pricing may change, we'll have the Save your Firefighter ebook available for you when your ready to take the steps to reduce the risk of a LODD

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