There are too many unhappy firefighter relationships.

And way too many ‘bandaids’ that haven’t helped. 

We get it… Fire wives, fiances and girlfriends all over the world live it. 

Inside these pages, you’ll encounter actionable advice (plus some shorter relatable stories) to encourage you to enjoy your firefighter relationship. And some honest truths about what’s ‘normal’, what’s totally BS, and what you should have been warned about before being in a relationship with a Firefighter. 

You’ll learn about the:

– FLIAH and FLRL methods

-break down the common myths and stereotypes that other people tell you are true

-and dive into the realties no one else wants to discuss.

Because we like to challenge the status quo around here.

Real Stories. Real Fire. Real Advice. From a Fire Wife who is done with sour advice from the 90’s. 

Love in the Fire Life ebook

This is an eBook- not a physical product. Can be read on iphone, android, tablet, and desktop. 

Who is this book for?

It’s for any woman in a relationship with a Fireman.

But more importantly, this book is for those women that don’t get it… yet.

Inside you’ll find the reassurance that you aren’t alone in your struggles or your triumphs.

Maybe you don’t understand how to manage shift days, or the anxieties of the job, or the confusion over what to expect in years to come.

And for my friends still navigating the deep waters of an earlier relationship with a Firefighter? this one is especially for you!

It’s the ” fire life relationship ” guide book.