Firefighter Maternity and Newborn Pictures

We’ve all seen those pictures that make you swoon, the ones you can’t get enough of, the ones that make you smile and tear up. You know, the ones of babies and bunker gear!

Seriously, they are so cute! I stalked the web (mainly Pinterest, you can check out my board here!) for all the cute firefighter baby pictures. And there are several!

So when our third was born, we knew we wanted to grab a few more pictures of him rocking the fire life. We had tried with our first two, but we had a lot of other stuff going on when they were born (health problems and allergies- I’m looking at you!!!) so we knew we had to make it happen with the third.

Because babies and bunkers are two things you need more of in your life!

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Maternity Pictures and Fire Trucks

We decided to match each other with the navy blue- mostly because I felt like a whale in the Florida heat. Navy Blue is a very forgiving color!

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Newborn with the thin red line

We found much of what we got online.

The thin red line flag we purchased from amazon, and the cloth diaper cover was purchased from Etsy. We ended up getting it handmade (our first ever custom!). We’ve been cloth diapering since our first was super allergic- so this was a fun twist on the photo shoot!

Etsy also has the adorable baby bunker gear sets too!

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Fire Station Visit with an Infant

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We had so much fun doing these, and we are so sad that he is getting bigger already. Little ham is about 15lbs at 2 months.

It certainly has been a lot of fun adding our third to the mix, especially with shift days 😬 but we wouldnt change it for the world!

You can check out advice for the new mom and fire wife if you need some helpful ideas!

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