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Hey Firefighter! (or soon to be Firefighter)

How’s your Firefighter Fitness?

Should I remind you about all the stats about heart disease and Firefighters?

I think I’ll save it for another time because I don’t want to be a downer- this post is meant to inspire you to reach new levels in your fitness routine. 

Seriously, no time like the present. You can never train hard enough for a job that’s trying to kill you! 

These are just some of my Husband’s favorite workouts and motivational videos he watches when he needs a pump. (Yes, I like to workout too- BUT you won’t catch me with a sledge hammer. I value my fingers, thank you very much!)

 SO with my husband’s commentary- get watching and then get to work! 


If you aren’t a fan of videos- definitely check out the Firefighter fitness books on Amazon. There are several, which can easily be accessed at the station when you don’t want (or can’t) be looking at your phone. There’s even a few that come with kindle unlimited (so technically free!).

First up, Motivation 

Now, let’s get pumped! 

6 warm ups great for starting or ending your routine
Just ignore his face and the shoes and you should be good to go!

quick and effective
Go big or go home Fire Hose Finisher


I would LOVE it if you had more recommendations (or more like my husband would like more recommendations). I know Firefighters around the world are coming up with effective and unique ways to stay fit for the job. 

Check out the rest of the mini series , “Becoming the Firefighter you want to be in 2019”

Drop me a comment below or give me a shout on Instagram or Twitter. We should all be talking about fitness regularly to keep the brotherhood in the best shape possible.

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Support the Blog by Sharing on Social Media!