A Firefighter Family Christmas

The holidays are always full of cheer… right?!

But if we’re being honest, there’s a lot of cheer and a lot of work to get things looking nice, presents to plan for and meals to cook. Then when your a firefighter family, there’s the added stress and blessing of having a nontraditional schedule and things get kinda crazy during the last few months of the year!

No worries Fire Fam! We’ve got tons of resources for you to make this christmas season merry and bright (and bearable!)

We’ve got Gift Guides for Firefighter Families!

Next we’re talking about managing the schedules, demands, and bad calls this firefighter holiday season.

Lastly, we’re talking about fun decorations, crafts and firefighter family christmas traditions!

Gifts Galore for Firefighter Families!

First, we’d be silly not to start with the stocking stuffers. They may be the smallest item, but they are also the most last minute item, so this is your reminder to not put them off till the night before!

For everyone that’s looking for the perfect gift, we’ve got them broken down by categories.

If you are a firefighter wife that needs a post to send over to the hubs, your in luck with this great guide of fire (and non fire) items!

Those shopping for firefighters will appreciate this EASY gift guide for firefighters. Sometimes they can be hard to shop for, but we’ve narrowed it down to 9 must have gifts you’d love to get them.

And maybe most importantly, we’ve got a gaggle of gag gifts with this ridiculous gift guide.

(I didn’t forget the kiddos! but really, I just recommend these books because they won’t drive you crazy with batteries and it will make the kids smarter 🤣🙌🙌)

managing the schedules, demands, and bad calls this firefighter holiday season.

Yall- the Holidays are WILD.

They are wild for ALL first responders everywhere, and I wish I could help them all, but today we’re talking to Firefighters and their families and how STRESSFUL the Christmas season can be!

We’re talking to the new wife who is pulling her hair out at all of the holiday demands.

To the parents who are trying to figure out how to manage a Christmas on shift and reschedule Santa.

Plus explaining shifts to kids and why firefighters have to work on Holidays because those have historically high call volume.

fun decorations, crafts and firefighter family christmas traditions!

The holiday season is a time to spend quality time together, maybe do some crafts, and celebrate your favorite people!

And if your family is even remotely like mine, we love to celebrate our fire family heritage!

So you can try out some fun spinoffs for Elf on the Shelf, but make it Firefighter Elf!

Or you can decorate the station (or the home!) with some fun firefighter inspired light up decorations.

Or even have a festive fireman designed tree with some super cute thin red line ornaments!

Maybe most importantly…

I hope that your firefighter comes home safe, that your holidays are spent with loved ones, and that you get to make memories that will last a lifetime.