Tips for the Firefighter Couple

 Firefighter couples know the Fire Life can make things hard. These tips for the Fireman and his Firefighter Wife are timeless and relevant to any marriage or intimate relationship. Here’s one for all you Firefighter couples out there! From the Firefighter Wife, to the Firefighter girlfriend- and of course for the guys who need some straight …

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The Top Firefighter Myths

Have you heard some ridiculous things about firefighters? I know I have. These common misconceptions about Firefighters are prevalent during dinner time conversation with distant family. From sliding-down-the-pole innuendos to each station having a Dalmatian, things get interesting when I say that my husband is a firefighter. Then the public seems to think that Firefighters …

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5 Ways to Thank a FireFighter

Easy ways to thank a firefighter

  Firefighters. They are lifesavers- literally. Maybe it’s your cat, your neighbor or a dear loved one; our first responders make the difference. So how do you say thank you for all that a first responder has done?    Firefighters do a lot. They run an amazing amount of medical calls, from lift assists to …

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Collection of Firefighter Movies

Firefighter, Movies, Firemen, Thin Red Line

Long list of firefighter movies (with family friendly options!) Hey Fire Family! Movies. We love em. We hate em. They make us cry, laugh and groan. Often times they are insanely inaccurate of how fire life really works. But we still watch them! Which leads me to this list.  I wanted to make a list …

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