Becoming the Firefighter you want to be in 2019

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Post Preview: There’s no time like the present to achieve the firefighting career and personal goals you’ve always dreamed about. Time waits for no man, are you going to be happy when you wake up 20 years from now? 

Regardless of how many years you’ve had on the job, you know as a Firefighter that you can never train hard enough for a job that’s trying to kill you. Seriously, while LODDS are going down, heart and mental health deaths are going up. What gives? How can you protect yourself?

We may not have all the answers yet, but we do know that it begins with each firefighter taking steps to improve their career and their lives. What you can do is work hard to be the best firefighter you can be. 

No time like the present! 2019 (regardless of the month) is a great year to start improving your life and working on some firefighting related goals. 

Firefighter, who do you want to be?

Somewhere between the time we are a little kid and the fire academy, firefighters develop an idea of ‘who they want to be’. They have all these career goals that they want to achieve, training they want to do, and aspirations to be a Fire Chief before retirement. 

But then life happens. 

And suddenly you aren’t the person OR the firefighter you want to be.

Sound familiar? 

The good news is that it’s not permanent.  The bad news is that it only changes when YOU decide it’s time to be a better person.

So what can you do to improve your life and become the firefighter you want to be?

Kick ass in 2019 #firefighter #thinredline #firefightermotivation

Part of the solution 

The first step is to identify WHAT you want to do. 

I recommend checking out this free printable and a planner I recommend for Firefighters. This will help get your thoughts on paper and then you can focus on the HOW of achieving those goals.  

Next, you want to fill your toolbox with skills and examples to achieve those goals. Follow these posts below so you create a game plan to achieving your goals and becoming the Fireman you want to be in 2019. 

Time management 

Firefighter Smart goals 

Firefighter Motivation

Firefighter Fitness 

Self Care for Firefighters 

Relationship Tips For Fire Couples


Firefighter. It is never too late to achieve your goals. You have so many resources available at your fingertips! Get out there and make history!!! 

Wanting to be better is just the start. Check out the posts listed above and get a game plan together.

Let me know in the comments or give me a shout on social media- How are YOU going to become the FIREFIGHTER you always dreamed of being in 2019?

Reach your goals in 2019 #firemen #firelife #motivation

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